Empowering personal transformation through tailored traveling programs, personal coaching and cleansing is where Nicole has found her work most beneficial, in supporting peoples self-development through the body, connecting to community and accessing clients creativity. Here you will find information on what she offers as well as her own story into self-nourishment and care.

Agents of Change Travel Program

Liberal Arts Life Coaching Course

Ashtanga Yoga

Seasonal Green Cleansing

Cacao Ceremonies and Song

It begins with the relationship to yourself.

To fully open to our true nature, to fully feel and express each part of ourselves with honour and dignity we must start like a new-born, welcoming everything. And, in order to do this, it is first important to carve out, and set time aside for this deep personal work. It is also the space where the holy-grail is filled and replenished, in order to go out into the world and serve our families, communities and environment. It may come as no surprise, then to hear that I too went through the eye of the needle, after living in the fast lane on auto pilot, burning out and having to face the inner reality – there was nothing I could do, I had to give time to myself, to connect with parts of me I couldn’t even see and to start building an honest relationship with myself. I’ve hesitated in using the term ‘wellbeing’ for some time. It seemed somewhat superficially or floozy but as a softened into the fact that I had to slow down, I had to work on myself before anything else (including my daughter I may add!), I had to let go of all expectations, goals, aims, desires. The previous me just couldn’t just carve out time for herself, she didn’t even have the desire too, not when there where too many global issues to solve, too much collaborative community work to finish and too much ego to keep upholding an idea of who she was. Well guess what? That truly backfired as I soon found myself in the middle of what some would call a burn out. There was definitely some scolding going on and the spirit/body connection or rather disconnection became apparent. I found myself leaving my body often, walking around looking at my hands and wondering what they where, to living on planes where other connections where being made and some deep visions and of out-of-body experiences left me overwhelmed, confused and to say the least afraid. Having non-ordinary consciousness experiences many of you may well know from spiritual meditations, big life events or even psychedelic explorations. For me I had, had my fair share. But this new out-of-body experience where not pleasant ones, and neither where they medically or otherwise induced. It was clear I needed to bring down the temperature of life around me in order to go inwards and to cool and sooth the most fundamental relationship I had going. The one with myself.

Wellbeing there for really isn’t just a buzz word or something to begrudgingly use, it is the vital, nourishing well of our true being that we need to learn how to tend to, to dip into or finally strip off all our clothing and dive in deep, relishing in all the waters to be found there. In many yogic teachers and philosophies, allude to the mind being like a lake, that we need to tune into and observe the fluctuations, the thoughts, emotions and feelings as they arise. To acknowledge them and to be aware how our behaviours and actions start to build up underwater sand banks, disturbing the natural currents. SO how do we actually begin this process of healing ourselves and healing our incredible planet that offers us its energies and how can we beneficially, with diligence and insight offer ours back?

For the last 4 years I have been on a daily investigation into how to carve out daily rituals and routines in order to sustain and develop and grow beautifully this self-relationship. It started one spring morning, when I decided, after quite a few months of depression and isolation that I needed to kick myself up the butt and get moving. What had happened to that highly energetic girl who loved to dance, sing, paint, be in her body and be in her community in a balanced, loving way? It was that week while buying organic veg from a small independent shop in a rural town in center of the Netherlands (yes oh how I had ended up in teh middle of the lowlands for my rebirth is interesting to observe now) deep cleanse small by building the daily habit of an asana (yoga) practice