In April 2018 the IMO held negotiations in order fix a deal within shipping emissions for the planet. IMO stands for the International Mariners Association and it is here that  treaties are made on shipping industry. For the last few decades and before, huge cargo vessels have been burning crude oil at the rate of knots (70’000 litres per day per ship) and its seriously ugly business, it is estimated by 2050 to produce 17% of global greenhouse gases. Having made the decision that the IMO and the delegates from 192 countries, can no longer make these decisions behind closed doors, a visual arts troupe, directed by Nicole Cataldo-Davies, called upon their humour and humility as Stewards of The Good Ship Paris. A Zero Emissions Vessel of the future. Handing out boarding cards with safety instructions for the delegates, highlighted and supported the healthy options for fixing a deal that stays well within the Paris Agreement Climate Treaty. The outcome was optimal with various publications making reference to the performance that occurred outside the IMO building. This type of live performance endeavour goes to show that we need connective aesthetics in helping policy making.